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Welcome to Dunk Trading Ltd

Great, you made it and welcome to our site. Dunk Trading is all about bringing new gift ideas into people’s lives - ideas that are fun without compromising functionality. The gifts you will find here are not always main stream but niche and unusual - which makes them special. We keep an eye out for new present ideas and brands from all over the world and take on gift ideas that may not be to everyone’s taste or requirement - but perhaps provides a scratch at the rarer itch. Presents say something about the giver - we aim to give that voice.

So, go ahead and jump in. If you are a retailer looking for new gift ideas have a look around and if there is something you fancy - or anything we can help you with just let us know. If you want more information or a wholesale price list please get in touch. The best thing to do is either give us a call or apply for an account.

If its bits and bobs for you and your friends you are after, just add what you need to your cart and we can settle up at the end. Either way, if you need any help - just head to the contact form or pick up the phone.

Dunk - gifts for a life less ordinary.
We are experiancing some trouble with our Retail Trader Login at the moment so if you would like to place an order or see trade prices please contact
We will be closing for the Christmas Holidays on the 20th December at 1.30pm and will be back for business as usual on the 7th January 2019. Merry Christmas!