Break the Bank

Caught in a jam? Can't afford the cab home? Everyone looking at you for the last round? Fear not, help is at hand (or hip) when you have the handy Break the Bank cash stash. This fiendishly cunning, but reassuringly discrete, keying houses a banknote to help get you out of a tricky situation.

Simply place your rolled up note into the tube and click the lid on. Then all you have to do in times of trouble is break open the tube to retrieve your stash and remove a little strife from the day.

To activate - take off your keys and tread or stamp (depending on your shoes and/or Kung-Fu skills) on Break the Bank and there's your cash back... a useful little ‘get out of jail' card.

Worried about the mess your loved ones get themselves into? - Get them a Break the Bank key ring!

Card mounted - comes with its own Counter Top Display Unit alternatively, each unit has its own euro slot. Will fit all notes including GBP£, USD$ and EUR €.

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