BBQ Sword

Barbecue grilling fork
The must-have BBQ accessory of the year. Now you can fearlessly sizzle sausages, char grill chops and sear steaks with the trusty BBQ Sword. It will protect you from flames, spitting fat and duelling drumsticks and is the perfect way to grill in safety and style. Bangers and burgers beware! The perfect gift for barbecue heros!

Stainless steel hand guard protects you from flames
Prongs designed for skewering and turning
Added entertainment for any barbecue
Makes sausages sizzle and ladies swoon  

  • Comes with free pop out musketeer mask
  • Strong steel construction
  • Real wood handle for comfort
  • Balanced for ease of use
  • Euro slot for hanging or can stand free on shelf

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