Eggman egg separator

The Egg Man is a new and exciting way to take the yolk of an egg away from its white. Let’s face it - this has always been a problem. Anything you try to use - the shell itself, a slotted egg separator or even a grid usually takes a little skill and is always messy. If you add children into the mix, then it just gets worse.

We wanted to make a playful character that will add to the joy of cooking. Provide a little fun and frivolity into the art of cooking and with luck provide a hook for children to become more involved with cooking. Speaking of which - why not pick up a few tips and recipes at the Egg Man website

We supply these both as character items and as plain colours.

There is quite a story behind this one - we started work on it in October 2012 having seen a YouTube film of a water bottle being used to separate eggs.  Hold tight, there is more to come in this department.

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