Konstruktor Flash

You're kidding right - a real, functioning SLR camera in a make it yourself kit?

This is absolutely brilliant - and completely real. Ideal for camera and photography enthusiasts alike as well as modellers. This wonderfully presented kit comes with complete instructions and everything you need to make it. No glue - screws and clicks alone hold this masterpiece together.

Assembling this kit isn't just a challenge in its own right - it's a real learning experience. In putting it together you will learn about light, lenses and generally how cameras work. At then end of the project - your KONSTRUKTOR isn't just for the mantelpiece - it can go with you ready to snap up the milestones of your life.

Takes about 2 hours to complete - actually less if you really concentrate and takes standard 35mm film (also available). It includes a viewer so you actually take a picture of what you see in true reflex action. This is a must have.


We also stock a range of 35mm film, click here to find out more!

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Brand: Lomography
Product Code: KONSTRUKTOR Flash
Availability: In Stock
Price: £33.00 including VAT
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